An extraordinary variety of shades inspired by Barcelona’s magic colours is the basis of your most innovative creations. NOVANIA ’s colour range, along with your inspiration, provides an infinite palette to breathe life into the most spectacular creations.

NOVANIA puts a wide variety of inspiring resources at novania
your fingertips, so you can keep up to date on the latest trends. Our exclusive platforms will show you current and avant-garde work published by our partners around the world. You will have your own space to publish your creations and stand out among your colleagues.

foto-jordi-webNOVANIA organises an annual competition that gathers the most inspiring works, which are rewarded by partners only. The winners are awarded trips to Barcelona to get to know NOVANIA ’s philosophy first-hand, and some of them are selected to join NOVANIA ’s international team.

The NOVANIA brand was created by the founders of Novania-sede-en-barcelonaone of the most prestigious professional colouring and hair cosmetics firms in Europe. Over 50 years of experience has enabled us to develop high quality formulations with an advanced technology that ensures excellent results. The raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products are carefully selected to guarantee the high quality standards that professional stylists require.
Our mission is to grant professional stylists the recognition that their artistic work deserves and to place this profession in the highest regards.