As an expert in colouring, NOVANIA provides just the right products to make the hair salon experience unforgettable.

During our manufacturing process, only osmosis water is used, and packaging is made with nitrogen to prevent colour oxidation and loss of assets, thereby ensuring that the colour properties remain unchanged throughout the product’s life span.



Our advanced technology, with TRIXIUM 3D, guarantees complete coverage of grey hair, as well as long lasting vivid colours, reaching all three levels of the hair to treat the whole hair fibre, while at the same time providing the peptides and amino acids necessary for Keratin repair. It vitalises the hair and improves its strength and elasticity. NOVANIA’s TRIXIUM 3D complex is formulated with natural ingredients including wildflower oil, soy protein and revitalizing vegetal pearl. Its low ammonia formulation protects and respects the hair fibre.

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